Resources for Owners - MyTCG (mysqli version)

Please Read This First

I have tried to gather as much as I can when it comes to giving credits. You can find the credits in their individual pages. Links may be broken or no longer exists. If this is your original code, please e-mail me so that I can give you credit.

I do not own/started any of these original scripts/codes and I take no credits for them. I have only edited them due to errors I've come across while running/setting up my tcg sites. I am by no means an expert on coding and have been learning as I go. Therefore, I will say that eventhough I have tested these and worked on my sites, it MAY NOT work for you but I have more than happy to customise it to your site needs. At least, as much as I can.

If you are not there yet, you should join in the Online TCG Community on Discord. You can contact me there too or you can ask for help from someone there who is probably better at coding than I am.

That said, you are welcome to try this scripts out!

These scripts/codings below can be used with MyTCG mysqli version which can be downloaded here. Click on the name to download the script.

Name Description
Cards Rewards This is a simple randomiser that gives out card rewards.
Cards & Points Rewards This is a simple randomiser that gives out card & points (or coins) rewards.
Password Games A password gate game which you can use in various ways. (Eg. Guess this character)
Melting Pot A game where members can swap out cards they don't want with what's available in the "pot".
Wishing Well A game where members make a wish.